The 12yz Area is an industrial area in Fanonian Southern Aferga. It serves as Fanon's leading industrial power.


The majority of inhabitants in this area are artificial life forms that are used to make the most technology possible without rest. Humans live in the residential levels of Structure 28A, the second largest arcology on the planet Fanon.


Darth Pingus had instructed some of his workers to build an industrial area in Fanonian Southern Aferga in late 2026, yet this request was disregarded followed until the summer of 2126, when sufficient technology was made to construct the largest factory in the world. This factory, known as Industrial Structure 12yz, expanded to an enormous industrial city-state that was astonishingly the most ecologically friendly factory ever built by humans. In 3001, the 12yz area was declared a shared economic interest for all countries on Planet Fanon.