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Amethyst is an island just a few miles north of Robotech. It is a very rich country, due to its large supply of Amethyst.


Amethyst was founded in 2000, when young Tessa and her father found a rocky island. Her father found several crystals in the rock, all identified as Amethyst. Many heard the news, and took off for there. While it is a young country, it is becoming bigger every day.


The old president was once Tessa's father, when he died when he went to Robotech Island and was killed by E-101. Tessa became the president of Amethyst, and the nation became strong. This may also be the worlds youngest president, Tessa being only 16.

Relation With Robotech IslandEdit

On January 22, 2010, Tessa created a treaty with Robotech Island. They would trade powerful technology for there precious crystals found commonly. E-114 agreed, and the two nations became stronger.

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