Republic of Animaland
Animal Map




Long live Animals


O Animala!




Presidential Republic

  • President: George Keewee
  • Vice-President: Edward Kangarue


January 17, 2005


358, 779 km2

Currency info

Animal Dollar ($)


Christianity, Fruitism (both unofficial)

The Republic of Animaland or just Animaland is a country spanning over an archipego of Pacific Islands. It was created by animals of both native to Fanon and ones imported from Earth.


In 2003, there was a project that brang animals from Earth over to Fanon to test if it can handle Earth life. The project was a success both on Earth and on Fanon, where humans already have lived years ago. But something weird happened: The animals started to act, talk and think like humans. Because of this, the animals started bringing the native animals of the area and quickly knew about civilization. By 2005, they created a brand new and unique nation.

It started as a city-state called the Republic of Bermont. Soon, it became overcrouded and resources became exhausted as it grew. By 2008, settlers moved out of the overcrouded city and settled in the empty islands nearby and the island where Bermont is located. In 2010, the first city outside the city was Jacksville, founded on June 12. This made the country expand quickly and therefore, more resources to use. In 2014, it was officialy renamed the Republic of Animaland.


The most domminant species in Animaland are rabbits, dogs, cats and penguins. Other major species include other birds, crocodiles, rats, mice.

They are the only country that doesn't have human inhabbitants. They only explored that area and listed it on maps. Many attempts at creating a permanent human settlement were unsuccessful as many animals attacked some of them, while other human settlements were abandoned because of the climate discouraging human development.

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