An Apache Orb is a gemstone that is of considerable value in numerous star systems throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. It usually occurs in the shape of a sphere. It is rumored to harness magical powers, but it is proven that this capability is impossible. Each orb disperses a small amount of radiation at regular intervals, which it has reflected and altered from its surroundings. There are four different varieties of these orbs.


The four different varieties of Apache Orbs have different specific molecular structures.

Red Apache OrbEdit

The Red Apache Orb is the rarest and worthiest of all Apache Orbs. It is blood-red and has a higher radiation emition than all other orbs (despite the low energy photons that red light consists of). One of these is worth approximately 1,500,000 Reflectrodes (The currency for our region of the Milky Way).

Orange Apache OrbEdit

The Orange Apache Orb is the only transparent orb of all Apache Orbs. It is peach colored, yet seems as if it is orange in its entirety when seen from a reasonable distance. It is worth 1,000,000 Reflectrodes. It has the weakest luster of all Apache Orbs.

Blue Apache OrbEdit

The Blue Apache Orb is a light-blue-colored orb. It is worth 500,000 Reflectrodes. It emits a considerable amount of radiation, but each interval occurs at a slow rate.

Green Apache OrbEdit

The Green Apache Orb is the most worthless of Apache Orbs. It is worth 30,000 Reflectrodes, and is the most common. It has the second most considerable radiation emission of all Apache Orbs.

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