Capital City of Bloclavek

Столечне Место Влоцлъавюк

Flag of bloclavia




Capital skupiec of Bloclavek

Inhabitants (status April 3030)

3 339 210

Date of Foundation

8 of April, 1255


Percentage of Bloclavian
latin speakers

84,83% (of all Bloclavian

Percentage of Bloclavian
cyrylic speakers

15,17% (of all Bloclavian

Time zone

UTC +1 (summer time UTC +2)

The Capital City of Bloclavek (Bl. latin Stołeczne Miesto Wlocławjuk Bl. cyr. Столечне Место Влоцлъавюк), often just called Bloclavek is a large city in Eastern Europe. It is the capital of Bloclavia and capital of the Capital skupiec of Bloclavek. It lies on the Visla and Zglova rivers. The part on the right side of Vistula is the northern part of the capital city.

The city has a long history and was founded by Puolans in 1255. Since then, it grew in power. During the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, the city's power diminished. In the 22nd century it became the capital of Kuyavy - a region in Greater Poland. During the 2001 - 3000 millenium, the city got back to its' former glory. After formation of Bloclavia, it became the capital of the country, making it the most important place in Bloclavia. The nation also took its' name from the name of the city.

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