The Technical Aeronautics CA-24E Super Stinger is a fully upgraded CA-24 Stinger carrier jet. It is used for both fighter and attacker roles, unlike the CA-24. It is much faster, has two tail rudders, and new generation tail fins. With a new radar system and more hardpoints, it can achieve more than it's predecessor. It entered service in 2004, right after the CA-24A and all variants preceding D were phased out. It features compatibility with a lot more weapons than the original.


  • Crew: 2
  • Length: 62FT
  • Width: 50FT
  • Height: 17.8FT
  • Powerplant: 2x TA Military-Grade Rt3.1 Turbofans
  • Max Speed: 1,457MPH
  • Range: 2,600 Mi
  • Ceiling: 60,000FT


  • 1x TA GxB20/8 20mm Gatling Gun (20x110 USN, 5 Barrels, 8,620 Rounds Per Minute)
  • 1x TA Ax37/3 37mm Autocannon (37x238mm, 600 Rounds Per Minute)
  • Up to 4 AIM-9 Sidewinders
  • Up to 18 AIM-120 AMRAAMs
  • Up to 22 AIM-132 ASRAAMs
  • Up to 15 AIM-54 Phoenixs
  • Up to 21 250 Pound Bombs
  • Up to 14 500 Pound Bombs
  • Up to 9 1000 Pound Bombs
  • Up to 5 2000 Pound Bombs
  • Up to 24 AGM-65 Mavericks
  • Up to 18 AGM-88 Harms
  • Up to 24 AGM-114 Hellfires
  • Up to 8 AGM-154 JSOWs
  • Up to 8 AGM-119 Penguins
  • Up to 3 AGM-142 Have Naps


  • YCA-24E Super Stinger: Experimental Super Stinger made by TA.
  • CA-24E Super Stinger: Standard Super Stinger aircraft.
  • K-24K Wasp: Tanker variant.

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