Chin Chan is an archipelago of the coast eastern Fanonian Asia. The land is known for its speciality in the manufacture and trade of laser and maser weaponry.


It has 4,890,000 inhabitants.

There are three peoples native to the island:

  • Armiates
  • Britoids
  • Ervils

War of 2096Edit

In 2096, there was a war between the Armiate Union and the Britoid Republic on the main island. The Britoids thought that the Armiates were in favor of trading with the Ervils, which were occupying the southernmost island of the Chin Chan archipelago. The Britoids had reason to fear the Armiates trading with the Ervils because, at that time, they were in a fierce battle with the Britoids. However, the Armiates wanted the main island, then occupied by the Britoid Republic, to be declared as part of the Great Armiate Union. The Armiates and Ervils had won the war in November. The Britoids now occupy the second westernmost island of the Chin Chan archipelago, which is also the third smallest.

Great Armiate UnionEdit

The Great Armiate Union is located on the main island of Chin Chan. The nation was formed as the Armiate Union in 2021, and expanded its territory after its victory in the War of 2096.

The country continues to expand at a declining rate, yet holds a self-sustaining economy nonetheless with much dependence on foreign products to survive. Yet, the economy is self-sustaining because of its extreme power over the manufacture of laser and maser weaponry.


The economy of the Great Armiate Union is greatly dependent on its laser and maser weapon manufacture. Entire factories are built every 5 years to keep up with foreign demands, and vast sums of money are made this way.


The Great Armiate Union is currently allied with the People's Republic of Ervilica, the second largest country in Chin Chan. Although the Great Armiate Union had used to be hostile towards the Britoid Republic, they are now allied with them.

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