Mostly mailboxes, and the interior of a sewage grate


postage stamps, and out-of-ink highltighters. Sometimes the Cuggly will devour a disreguarded or deflated ball over an amount of time


looks like a cross between a fish and a mammoth. Except, the Cuggly is the size of a small button.


the cuggly is very shy. If another animal or human hand tries to take away a postage stamp that the Cuggly has already discovered, it will make a excrutiatingly high-pitched scream and dislodge it's jaw, making it very scary looking and the size of a rabbit,to bite down on the theif


If you call the Cuggly a sonoploofjugnigif it will immedietly fall under a spell and follow your every command. However, if someone or something else has alreagy called it a sonoploofjunigif, the Cuggly will start spining in circles untill it has enough momentum to hurl itself at you and atatch itself to your skin, never to come of! Beware!