A Do-wolfdog in the small border between Tri Section and Xentric Forest.

      Not to be confused with Wolfdog.
      Not to be confused with Wo-wolfdog.

Do-wolfdog is a hybrid among hybrids, that means he's the cross between a hybrid and a normal specimen, in this case a wolfdog and a dog. He is really rare, unlike his "cousin", the Wo-wolfdog.

Habitat & LifeEdit

They are of abundance in the Tri Section, a small border within the Xentric Forest in Xentrica. Do-wolfdogs are usually born when domestic Wolfdogs mate with domestic German Shepherd dogs. Unlike their "cousins" (Wo-wolfdogs), they are pretty rare due to the lack of friendship between dogs and wolfdogs (while wolves and wolfdogs are more friendly towards each other), so a mate between them is almost a miracle.

Their fur patterns consist of a mix of beige and grey rather than black/grey like their progenitors.

They live in small packs (not like their parents, witch prefer big packs) and cannot mate with other do-wolfdogs because of their sterility. Their favourite habitat location is the border between the Xentric Forest and Tri Section. It is peceaful there and they love Xentricanese people as much as Xentricanese people love them. Xentricanese people feed do-wolfdogs just as they would feed normal domestic canids. They rarely go into the Xentric Forest, but sometimes in the Winter, when humans do not usually go to the streets and thus do not feed animals of lower intelligence. Xentricanese people go hunt for themselves a considerable amount of medium- and small-sized animals, like Kalicks.

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