E-100 Alpha before attacking

E-100 Alpha (more commonly, ZERO) was the first ever model of the E-Robots.


E-100 Alpha was built years ago, by some scientists. He did almost all the work for them. They had built several E-Robots and worked allot, actually, it fried his circuitry, causing E-100 to go insane. He was quickly sent in a shipping crate to a continent which is known as Fanon North America to meltdown.

E-100 Alpha was melting down, when he went insane and literally destroyed a mountain and clogged a river, also killing hundreds by destroying several skyscrapers. He made a place to hide. He hid there for several years until he heard of Robotech Island. He went insane again and killed the two men, stealing their map of the world. He quickly rocketed off to Robotech to capture it.


  • He is a parody of Gates from Full Metal Panic!.
  • Due to his insanity, he occasionally hurts some of his team members.
  • He wants E-114, E-103, E-104, and Robotech destroyed. No one knows why.
  • E-100 maintains a good relationship with E-102 Beta, which is somehow incredible.

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