The E-Robots are a class of highly intelligent robots produced on Planet Fanon.
They are mostly produced in Robotech Island.


There are two generations of E-Robots: the Classic Generation, and Techno Generation.


The Classic Generation, also known as E-1x Series, consists of the first robots ever made on Fanon. There is always a name of a letter belonging to the Greek alphabet after their product series:


The Techno Generation, also known as the E-2x Series, is the most advanced generation, including robots that can eradicate an entire city on command. It features some of the most advanced technology ever constructed by the human race. These robots strangely do not act very friendly towards units of the previous generation, and Classic Generation robots could be immediately demolished on contact. Due to the advanced popularity of the Techno Series robots and influence from popular culture, each product series has a word in English to designate their specification.

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