Europe, also known as Fanonian Europe, is a continent on Planet Fanon that was sculpted to resemble the Europe of Earth. It is Fanon's second-smallest continent, after Oceania. It contains a considerable variety of ecosystems and contributes significantly to the planet's ecology.


Numerous countries are spread over the continent, providing a considerable a large amount production to regulate international commerce. Thousands of humans, cyborgs, and some robots populate the continent, producing goods in capitalist industries that are spread all over the planet and even beyond.

Depending on the sorts of governments on the continent, some states may exercise a wide variety of business legislation. Some countries strictly practice either socialist, capitalist, communist, or different form of business legislation. Other countries may decide to use a mix of numerous types, either strictly between different provinces or territories, or throughout the entire state. Fanonian Europe is known to have numerous varieties of both socialist and capitalist business legislations specifically, although some others are also, yet rarely used. The majority of states use capitalist businesses, which range from small neighborhood markets to wealthy competing corporations.

The stock market in Europe is centred in an area that is shared by all states in the continent. This area, the Fanon Universal Trade Center and Stock Market, consists of a long strip of islands in the Mediterranean Sea that is occupied by an extremely large complex of world trade buildings.

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