Expa is a group of space explorers, leaded by Gregg Fegg, Jash Isak and Kim Kolt.



In 13th September 2028, Gregg and Jash started to work on a series of spacecrafts named Interstar, initially to explore nearby starts. Then Kim, a long-time friend of Jash which was helping them build the spacecrafts, suggested that they could create a planet. Gregg, seeing the enormous power of his spacecrafts and other tools thought of something even bigger: creating the first artificial system. At first, the idea was really frightening, due to economical issues, but after they started advertising the idea of having a high quality solar system artificially built especially to fit the human's needs in a fast pace with the Interstar Project's capability. Every single country on Fanon and the bigger ones at Earth donated huge amounts and at mid 2030 they had all the money they needed. They then had an idea to form a special space exploration team...


After the success of the donation campaign, while the Interstar Project was on its rails, Jash, Kim and Gregg formed the Expa team, name that is based on Exploration Team.

Fronta SystemEdit

After the success of creating an artificially-produced star system located a reasonable, yet not exceedingly considerable distance from the Solar System they had to give a name to the new system. The decision of naming it as Fronta Galaxy is still without an official reason.