Fanontopia is a country located in the Antarctican Desert on planet Fanon. It is one of the largest countries on the planet, as it is located in an area that had not been desired by others due to its frigid temperatures. Large machines keep the buildings in the country at proper conditions, making it more easily habitable. Other machines below the ice were constructed to allow the ice to stay intact by keeping them below 32°F (0°C).


It is located away from the other countries, on the southernmost continent of Antarctica. It location is quite an advantage because of the amounts of gold, silver, and iron found under the Terraformed Zone that can be mined for considerable amounts of money.


This country looks out for the benefits of itself as well as others, and has numerous alliances.


Their leader is EDFan12345 (also known as simply ED Fan), a genetically altered cybernetic Emperor Penguin. He has been altered to have the capabilities of speech, more strength than normal specimens of its species of origin, and incredible intelligence.

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