Homo sapiens technologicus, also known as New Human, Techno Human and Fanon Human is a different species of human present mostly in New Earth. They are also called "humans" regularly, just like Homo sapiens sapiens.


Fanon humans cover the whole Fanon planet, some travel to Earth and other planets and live there.

Differences between H. sapiens technologicus and H. sapiens sapiensEdit

In the following box, some main differences are stated.


Regular adult size

Fanon Human: 1,90m
Earth Human: 1,80m

Number of toes

Fanon Human: 4
Earth Human: 5

Average lifespan

Fanon Human: 135 years old (Max.: 210) [1]
Earth Human: 80 Earth years old before Gregorian 2050; 105 Earth years old after 2040


  1. Fanon's oldest person until now, Joe Karbassis, was 210 Earth years old and passed away on 3025.