As if future humans wrote it . . .

Dear past humans, we citizens of the future universe have used our technology to find your language and idiom in order for you to understand this.

The Human Universe is an immense dimension of space and time that pertains to numerous different laws of physics. Named by Third Millennia Humans, a race of bipedal creatures that have advanced their civilization to an unimaginably considerable extent, the Human Universe maintains such laws of physics as those suitable for life. Countless numbers of species exist, all originating from trillions and trillions of stars.


The universe's structure is extremely difficult to explain to humans of the second millennia that are reading this. In fact, it is so complex that even the most skilled intellects of Earth as of the 2010s Gregorian decade have failed to fully comprehend it. Only theoretical science has addressed such a concept. In order to not cause what you may perceive now as "paradoxes" by spoiling the truth of the structure of the universe, the humans that have written this article have sent no information about such to what you perceive as the present. We can only tell you about the unimaginably more simple concepts thought of by scientists that second millennia humans that are reading this could understand.

The universe seems to be brought together by a force known as gravity. Physicist Albert Einstein had described what this force is governed by as the Spacetime continuum, a theoretical blueprint of the functions of time and space. Gravity brings two objects "in" space together, making the celestial bodies such as stars, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, meteorites, galaxies and galaxy clusters possible. Although gravity is such a reliable and vital law, it cannot explain everything thought to be related to it. Some characteristics of the universe have unknown causes that physicists and other professionals of your time are still trying to find explanations for.

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