iMiz is a futuristic series of cellphones created by Xentriphone.

Generations and modelsEdit

The first model of the iMiz series was Xelaron. It's the "grandfather" of all iMiz cellphones. It's also the first cellphone in the Xelaron Generation.

Xelaron GenerationEdit

The first generation. It is still used in Xentrica.

  • iMiz Xelaron
  • iMiz Xelaron II
  • iMiz Xelaron III
  • iMiz iXelaron

Mytha! GenerationEdit

Really popular in Myrushan.

  • iMiz Mytha!
  • iMiz Mytha! 2000
  • iMiz Mytha! 3000
  • iMiz Mytha! 4000
  • iMiz Mytha! 4500
  • iMiz Mytha! 4550 Executive [1]
  • iMiz Mytha! 5000

Walkii GenerationEdit

Used mostly by Xentrican and Myrush soldiers.

  • iMiz Walkii A
  • iMiz Walkii B
  • iMiz Walkii C [2]
    • iMiz Walkii C Gold
  • iMiz Walkii Talkii
  • iMiz Walkii MAXI [3]
  • iMiz Walkii X


  1. Only for commercial purposes.
  2. Used only one time by Commander Fretz. It's at the Xentricanese Natural History Museum.
  3. Maximum Intelligence.

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