The IS-349K is a space station that is used by the Isakii Military Space Division. It has an orbital laser and multiple missile launch silos.


The armaments on the IS-349K are variable. It has compatibility with the following missiles:

  • M-247B Fuel Air Explosive ICBM
  • M-193K Single Warhead Very-High Power ICBM
  • M-12N Nuclear ICBM
  • M-57M Solid Fuel Boosted Rocket (Uses Solid Fuel until it enters the atmosphere, then uses its rocket.)
  • M-752S Multiple Warhead Fuel Air Explosive ICBM
  • M-851B Bomb-Dropping Interplanetary Missile
  • M-82C Cruise Missile
  • M-974H Anti-Aircraft Space-Launched Missile

Orbital LaserEdit

The primary armament, is its LS-I940 Orbital Laser. It uses precision targeting systems, and can hit an Isakii Pennt (.01 IGD coin) from space. It can penetrate up to 345,000mm of RHA armour in a nano second. To avoid destroyed massive amounts of the Planet Fanon, it limits its fire time to a thousandth of a nano second, effectively making the laser impossible to see when in use.

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