John Zshtruyez, also known as "Johnny Z", is the current president and commander of armed forces in Isakii. Born in Southern Greece, he then moved to Cyprus and then again to Bulsa. He now resides in the President's Building in Rheninstan, but likes to take vacations at his Old Isak fishing hut.

Early LifeEdit

In his early life, he showed signs of political interest. After moving to Cyprus, two years after his birth, he witnessesed a political attack on a conservative civilian who protested releif missions in the then war torn Syria. At age five, after learning how to speak both Greek and Turkish, he was escorted to Bulsa when Persian militants bombed the island with incendiary rockets. In Bulsa, at the age of 12, he took part in a mission to eliminate Italian insurgents in the West. He was shot in the knee and then again in the side by a Israeli Mossad officer during a gun fight between him and insurgents where he opened up on a Mossad hideout with an RPG-29 rocket launcher. He survived. At 16, he moved, without parents, to Southwest Isakii.

College and Political CareerEdit

At age 20, he finally gained enough money from poor work to attend a high-end college near Rheninstan. There he studied lingustics, politics, and computer engineering. He stayed in college until age 32, when he then got a job working as a multi-lingual programmer in a computer company. He wrote the third chapter of the IES.

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