Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System. It is the fifth farthest planet from its mother star. It has many moons, including some that inhabit sentient life. These moons, referred to as the Green Galileans, include Europa and Ganymede. Jupiter, being a gas giant, is itself uninhabitable, as its environment includes threats such as high gravitational pull, severe acid hurricanes, and an exceedingly high atmospheric pressure.

Green GalileansEdit

Europa and Ganymede are two Jovian moons that were discovered by the astronomer Galileo Galilee, and are now named such because of its discoverer, as well as its ability to contain life.


Europa was first visited by humans in the North American Union Space Administration in a mission known as Jovian Manifest Destiny which was initiated in August 2031. It was first colonized by humans Chi Con Space Expedition League in April 2039, which later served as a main cause of the Gold Economic Period on Planet Fanon because of the formation of new economies. Chi Con humans later began trading with Europan aliens, which also contributed to the Gold Economic Period.


Ganymede has not been visited by humans yet, although it has been inspected by human technology. In August 2029, International Aeronautics and Space Administration of Planet Earth sent a probe to Ganymede in an attempt to find extraterrestrial life. No live was found on the planet, although particular signs of sentient life had been found, including rocks that had looked like they had been sculpted an used as tools.

Although humans have never discovered Ganymedean life, it exists nonetheless. Ganymedean sentient life forms have kept all knowledge of themselves a secret from the humans, although Europans do have knowledge of their existence. Ganymedeans have feared humans much, as their highly developed weapon capabilities have been exposed to them through information on the Fifie Delkwasha.

Europans have gained much contact with Ganymedeans, and Europa and Ganymede have been allies for quite a long period of time. Ganymede and Europa have set up a trade agreement, allowing knowledge of humans to be exposed to the lesser developed Ganymedeans.

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