MP5M-D, a variant of the MP5M.

MP5M, also known as Micro MP5 or MP5 Micro, is a new version of Earth's MP5. It is technically almost the same, but it has been redesigned and its more powerful. It is used by the Xentricanese Army. It is manufactured at the Secret Area, in Xentrica.


  • MP5M-D, also known as MP5M Devil and MP5M Demon.
    • Added front gripe.
    • Some parts now are in a glossy red.
  • MP5M-H, also known as Hunter MP5M and MP5 Micro Hunter.
    • Parts have been more, it's a bit longer/bigger now
    • Added some kind of cammo.
    • New gripe, different than MP5M-D's one.

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