Macrintosh is a series of immense war tanks used in Xentrica and Myrushan for military use.


The latest generation models of Macrintosh tanks varies in mass, as it weighs from 6.2 tons to more than 10 tons. They are produced in large factories in Myrushan and Xentrica, as well as in specialized robot-governed industrial states. Made from the strongest of metal alloys, these war machines are virtually indestructible, rendering them extremely expensive. The cheapest of these cost well over three hundred million Xeuros.



  • Macrintosh Protottipo Mi1
  • Macrintosh Protottipo Mi2
  • Macrintosh Protottipo Mi3
  • Macrintosh Protottipo Mi4
  • Macrintosh Protottipo Omega

Old/Classic GenerationEdit

The names below aren't the original ones. When a Macrintosh is older than 5-10 years, it becomes a Classic.

  • Macrintosh Classik 034
  • Macrintosh Classik 035
  • Macrintosh Classik 036
  • Macrintosh Classik 037
  • Macrintosh Classik 038A
  • Macrintosh Classik 039B
  • Macrintosh Classik 040C
  • Macrintosh Classik 041 STDI

Currently used by the armyEdit

  • Macrintosh X [1]
  • Macrintosh M10
  • Macrintosh M20
  • Macrintosh Myru [2]
  • Macrintosh Myru Ultimate
  • Macrintosh Hunter


  1. Also known by soldiers as Code: MacX.
  2. Used mostly by Myrushan.