Primary Myrush
Secondary Jangleon


Sharise tragt Asiah! (Paradise brought to Asia!)


Tel Myruluv (The Myruland)




Monarchic Democracy




Southeastern Fanonian Asia




Xentricism, Atheism

Myrushan (in Myrush, Myrumati, meaning Myruland) is a Southeastern Fanonian Asian commonwealth that is voluntarily grouped with Xentrica. It is relatively small, but has a positive self-sustaining economy.

Country or colony?Edit

Being a commonwealth of Xentrica, it is owned and protected by Xentrica, but maintains its own government.


Myrushan's economy is considerably self-sustaining, a rare characteristic for a commonwealth of its size on Plant Fanon. Most money comes from Xentrica's resources, but also by a fantastic market, since the production of weaponry and vehicles is incredibly significant. The currency of Myrushan is the Xentrican Xeuro.

Fauna and floraEdit

Many animals were brought to Myrushan (during the 2040 Xentricanese Invasion) and adapted the Fanonian Asian environment. For example, the Xentricanese wolf was domesticated after its evolution through artificial selection, and is far smaller and is now referred to as the Myrushanese wolf or Myruwolf.

Plants of other areas, such as the Green Roses of Xentrica, have been brought to Myrushan and have also adapted to its environment. The Xentricanese Green Roses are a more darker shade of green in Myrushan and are referred to as Dark Green Roses.

Technology and militaryEdit

Myrushan is exceedingly technologically advanced for such a small state. Professionals from this state invented the Titaniik XSL9 Proto, which almost attained the capability of traveling at the speed of light (later achieved by the XSL9 Alpha). Here is a list of spaceships created by the Myrushanese Space Exploration Corporation (MSEC):

Some unique weapons developed by the Myrushanese Weapon Production Board include:

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