Pablonians (Pablus pabloca) are orange, monkey-like aliens that live on the planet Pabloka.


Pablonians were the first land mammals on Pabloka, and soon developed their arms, hands, and mammalian faces. They don't have much more history, however, since they're still not completely sentient.



A Pablonian.

Pablonians are very monkey-like, and only eat a fruit called a Rukla Blossom, which fills their entire diet. They are very agile and fast, and can escape from predators without getting injured. Their only fear is a beast called the Razurkint, which is huge and has a diet of Pablonians.


  • Black Pablonians (Pablus plaboca ater)
  • Great Pablonians (Pablus plaboca mega)

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