Para is an isolated Pacific island located a considerable distance from all continents of Fanon. It is populated by 9,213 humans and 2,465 intelligent artificial life forms. It is also one of the wealthiest countries on the planet, yet only possesses a small, but uniquely advanced military. Para is home to some exotic plant and animal life, of which the island is commonly known for. The country occupying the island receives most of its money from tourism.


The Island of Para.


The capital of Para is a small city known as Para City. Many cities in Para are very small due to the large masses rainforests and rivers that the country wishes to keep in good condition.


The government of Para is predominantly democratic. Human rights are honored and respected by most of the country's intelligent inhabitants, and animal rights are one of the most important political subjects in Para.


The official languages of Para are English and Paras. Paras is based on Spanish and Japanese, and is spoken in the innermost areas of Para.

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