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This wiki is officially dead.

You can still contribute, and maybe someday this wiki will be revived. Thank you!


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An artist's conception of Planet Fanon.

Fanon (also known as Earth 2.0, Planet Fanon, New Earth or Earth Jr.)is a planet far away from Earth. It is very similar to Earth in size, climate and even shape of the continents. It has at least 1 billion humans.

The planet was discovered by the European Space Agency in middle 2000, and later by the North American (named "New Earth", respectively). The planet was mostly covered with ocean except for an island named Para. In late 2002, after the Apollo project had ended, the Europeans secretly colonized New Earth and brought 140000 humans to Para, formed by 12 separate groups of 12000. These groups were divided by mayor languages (Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Wu, French and Italian).


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  • new page Euska
    created by Porg009
    New page: Euska also known to Scientists as Hum-41 and to many species as Paradise was the homeworld to the Human and Lupinian races. Known by all as the...
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We are currently in 3030 fanon year.


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    Revival Failed

    April 8, 2011 by ChordSectorθ

    All attempts to revive this wiki have failed miserably. Though, there is some hope. The Planet Fanon Wiki may grow a little in the future, and once its partner, the Creative Universe Wiki, becomes mo…

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    It appears I turned up too late for the revival. Rodrigo and Dark Halo are gone.

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    But I was thinking if we could give it a final shot, and call Corai, Dancing Penguin, Zapwire, ChordSectorθ and the rest of the ex-active me…

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    New Policy

    June 18, 2010 by Dark Halo

    Hey guys... I have a new policy proposal. A policy that would help clarify country creators' rights to those creations. The policy will be fully explained in the link below. Planet_Fanon_Wiki:Court_H…

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    Attention, fellow Planet Fanon Wiki users.

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    I'm seeing, that although already very developed, the way Fanon is pictured (populated from people on Earth), this is no longer an alternate reality. When I created it, I intended Earth to be the sam…

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    February 28, 2010 by Corai

    I have a idea for them aliens!

    Articles about former alien mysterys! We could parady the Aoura Mystery! Have dead alien bodys, ALIEN UFOS!

    This is a vote, if it passes, we can start get writing!

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    What is it in Fanon?

    February 28, 2010 by Dancing Penguin

    Just asking, I think the Fanon stuff is happening somewhere in the future, right? Dancing Penguin 21:59, February 28, 2010 (UTC)

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    February 27, 2010 by Dark Halo

    I could request a database dump from wikia, then host this wiki elsewhere. If I do, I can re-upload everything we've made, so that I would be able to edit Planet Fanon again without listening to Wiki…

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  • Rodrigo X

    Operation: Save Fanon

    February 27, 2010 by Rodrigo X

    Fanon is being attacked by Antimeds! Humans must defeat them!!!

    Xentrica is the first country to defend Fanon, calling backup from Myrushan!

    Take a role in this roleplay with your county(ies) and stop…

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