Quanta-Liopleurodon lives on Quanta-Earth, in the Quanta-European shallow seas. It is the Quanta-Earth's counterpart to L. pachydeirus.


Quanta-Fish, Quanta-Orcas, Quanta-Whales, Quanta-Sharks, and many others. Sometimes, when the aliment is scarce, they even kill weaker members of their kind.

It is an excellent and opportunistic scavenger.

To catch its preys, the Quanta-Liopleurodon will wait in the dark, until prey wanders too close ( i.e. 5 metres away) into the killing zone, then it will strike, bite, rip back, shake head and slam the prey into the sea floor.


On average, a fully grown Quanta-Liopleurodon is 75ft long and 263 lbs.

But Big Lio,a 500 year old alpha male is 130ft long and 743 lbs, as discovered by Quaxi Joe, a scientist and professional Quanta-Liopleurodon observer.


It has, giving a rough lifespan of 650 years (if it can survive).

it has gills like a sharks, as well as a shark like electro-sense, but it also has powerful sax lungs.

It has a fleshy moveable object in it's mouth, much like a alligator snapping turtle.