The Saharan Jungle is an area that expands all across Fanonian Northern Aferga. Although most of the western Saharan Jungle is claimed by and the Main Afergan Countries, Central Sahara is considered the Saharan Republic. Because of Fanon's tilt, the Saharan Jungle is covered in jungle rather that the equivalent of Earth's Sahara Desert.


Discovered by Irish and Portuguese missionaries who got lost on their way to New Dubai, this land was claimed by the Catholic Church and named the New Vatican Republic. Later in history, European Space Agencies had claimed much land theirs, leaving only Central and Eastern Sahara to the New Vaticans. The New Vatican government peacefully set up agreements to give away land to other people, forming New Egypt, New Sudan, and the Saharan Republic. The New Vatican kept its most religious cities, and sustains diplomatic ties with the rest of the Fanonian World to this day. The Saharan Republic later formed and gained New Egypt and parts of New Sudan. New Sudan later dissolved into the Main Afergan Countries.


The Saharan Republic's most valued commodities include Sky Roses and Hishan Fruits.