Scimitar GL

The Scitimar GL-D.

The Scimitar GL is a grenade launcher invented by minds at Mectrixctic. It aims to be simple, silent, and deadly. The launcher has the Krestel M2's scope, and has a silencer, silencing it to 55 decibels. It does not have a flash hider though. Scimitar GLs use 30mm grenades, and use the same unweidly reloading mechanism used by the Krestel. The ergonomics on it were superb, according to militaries who use it, (currently Chi Con and Mectrixctic) as it uses a backwards pistol grip, with the predominant hand using the trigger and the other holding the grip, and the eyes fit well into the scope.


  • Scimitar GL-X: A version without the silencer and scope.
  • Scimitar GL-D: Default version, with features listed above.
  • Scimitar GL-K: A version with a knife bayonet.
  • Scimitar GL-A: A version with everything plus a flash hider and bayonet slot to fit a chainsaw or knife. (sold seperately)

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