Solarsists, or Sol Demons, are part of a specific Tribal Fanonian Legend that mentions the existence large dragon-like creatures that fly around the Sun, fight each other and eat plasma energy.


Blue Sol DemonEdit

The Blue Solarsist devours plasma energy only when it is somewhat colder than normal. This species only lives about a year because of its picky eating.

Red Sol DemonEdit

It is huge, bulky, bright and powerful. It throws other Solarsists around for fun and devours lots of energy.

Green Sol DemonEdit

A nice, gentle Solarsist. It absorbs considerable amounts of energy to give it more time to be awake and play.

Legend or Reality?Edit

The Solarstists have only been accepted as part of a legend for numerous years, yet many fanatics with advanced telescopes on the planets Earth and Fanon have claimed to have seen them soaring above the surface of Sol. Most scientists reject the idea of organisms actually living as close to the solar surface as the fanatical people have claimed, as it is of such an intense heat in those areas that atoms literally split.


Some humans have justified their beliefs using specific theories that may suggest the existence of Sol Demons. These include:

  • Military Technological Advancements
    • Some people believe that technology that has been developed by the Terra-Fanon Association's military forces may have the capability to withstand temperatures on the surface of the Sun, and that Solarstists are actually robots.


  • When sleeping, they are said to fall into the sun and absorb considerable amounts of energy before waking up again. This makes them look practically invisible.
  • Despite the belief that they may be wild robotic creatures, the legend states that they are actually one of the most intelligent creatures in the known universe. According to the legend, Solarstists have developed a complicated language that consists of numerous series roars and growls.