approx. 80,000,000


approx. 620,000 mi²







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Stickland is a the only nation in the human universe which inhabits a population that only consists of stickmen.



Stickmen were originally on another universe until they found the way to travel through universes. They stumbled across in the universe dominated mostly by Humans, Archos and Tarchos without a way of coming back. They then gained a solid friendship with the earthlings which let them live on Fanon.

Stickmen arriving at FanonEdit

The Stickmen's early planet was getting depleted by themselves. Occasionally, a mad scientist created a chemical elixir so strong that a millilitre of it could melt a whole planet. One day he threatened the whole population by dropping it on the ground, which he did. Fortunately, most of the population was evacuated in spaceships, but 28% still died. They accidently arrived at Fanon 31 hours after evacuation through universe travelling.

Adaptation in Fanon=Edit

The climate in Fanon happened to be perfect for the stickmen, but best in North America. Other people didn't like the Stickmen at first because of their violent nature, but they gradually improved their behaviour, so now people talk with them as normal human. But they can still change, and the mad scientist is not dead.



Stickmen are as intelligent as human. They can be in all colours available. They think and act as their fellow earthlings, but they are faster and more agile. But also more fragile.

Ethnic groupsEdit

Standard 70%
Slim 9%
Standard-N 7,8%
Standard-F 7,1%
Standard-B 6,1%

Standard N, F and BEdit

The Standard Stickman is slightly thicker than the slim Stickman. Standard-N, F and B are all variations on the standard Stickman. Standard-N have a neck, Standard-F have feet and Standard-B have both.

Building styleEdit

The Stickmen's building style is very special compared to other building styles. It is a lot simpler than anything else, as they almost only use primarily coloured stucco as material. Buildings sometimes have simple abstract art on them.

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