A supercroc on Mix Bay Lagoon at night.

Supercroc (also known as Supercrocodile and Super Crocodile) is a 13 meter long crocodile species endemic to Xentrica. They originated from Project Jurassic Park on Planet Fanon, a project that involved the cloning of live prehistoric supercrocs from live tissue extracted from fossils.

It is an endangered species—not because of human hunting, but the lack of space in its habitat at Xentrica's Mix Bay Lagoon. They are furious competitors with the Charcaradin shark and their diet is mostly composed of Magnuns, one of the few species that do not live in the Xentric Forest.

There have been no attacks to humans at all. Some really hate their natural city-side habitat and literally "migrate" to Xentrica's forest (Xentric Forest) seaside. Some are caught on the Secret Area's seaside and then shot, this is rare, only happens if they put their heads off the water to hunt something, but there's lack of food there. Just few emperor rats.


  • It is based on Earth's pre-historic Sarcosuchus imperator that is commonly called SuperCroc. Fanon's version is almost two meters bigger, has less weight (less fat) and is alive.
  • Its scientific name on Planet Fanon is Sarcosuchus el-rei, from imperator (emperor) to el-rei (king).

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