PurposeEdit's purpose is to provide planet Fanon with advanced technology.


Help-Bots, Iphone advanced, Tech house, Hologram recorder, Tech house 2.0, Piano-tron, C10-Blaster, and Tech force field






John Hadock




The first thing the Fanonians did when they arrived on Fanon was this: build! It was started by John Haddock in 1984. The original location for was in England, but there where too many natives so John had to settle for America. The first action did was establish new trade routes with the English. agreed to share 30% of their profit every year if the Engish would allow them access to their western territory. England agreed to the deal and sent 300 workers to England. However, their work was interupted when a fleet of alien attack ships captured 100 workers. Forcing to buy a research grant from Russia on alien defense.

So as you can see,'s first year wasn't very sucsesful. But Godzilla attacks the company forcing to pay $1,000,000 for its repair. Luckily, a vaciotioning worker found the fountain of youth! But the people realized it was a fake and auctualy contained toilet water, which caused a huge mess. Soon, discovers the Seven Cities of Gold and spends their profit on 100,700,286 towels to clean up the toilet water. In 2000, their rival company places a micro-chip in their head-quarters, causing a large brainwashing of all loyal employes. In 2005, the brainwashed workers lead a rebel, currently making them bankrupt and in need of employes. In 2012, N.A.S.A leads a space inquiry to the planet Fanon and asks them to sponser N.A.S.A on their trip. excepts, causing one of the biggest mistakes the company makes. N.A.S.A turned out to be secretely stealing funds from N.A.S.A is discovered and exposes their secret stash of money. seizes the opportunity, and sues, causing them to inherite all N.A.S.A's secret money. They now consider themselves the new N.A.S.A, and have started their very first space fund. sent workers to make fake planet materials and makes everyone think discovered a new planet. But it doesn't take long for the goverment to realize they've been tricked. The goverment then sues for $1,000,000,000,000. Unfortunetly, doesn't have that ammount of money, and is sent to community service. After working for an estimated time of 26 years, workers abduct another company (Hershey's), and make some more carless, more like stupid, mistakes. The abductors are revealed in 2087, and are sent to the deep pits of communtiy service for life. That leads to a horrible death to all remains of the company. epicly fails at achiving their purpose! 01:57, November 21, 2010 (UTC)

Curtisy of Zachary and Natasha.