Technical Aeronautics is an aircraft manufacturer, located in Vhenysk, Isakii. It is one of the primary customers of the Isakii Armed forces. It's most notable creation is the VGR-M4 Viper.


Formed in 1993 by three newly graduated aeronautics engineers, Edward Jackson, Leonid Ivanov, and renowned chemist Dmitri Chernov. Their first creation was a civilian 2-person jet, called the "Stinger". The Stinger was a hit with private pilots, and eventually, it was converted into an attack jet called the CA-24 Stinger. That eventually led to the production of military aircraft and firearms.

Fall of 2007Edit

During Fall of the year 2007, the Isakii economy suffered a massive blow. Stock prices went way down after prime minister Basad Al-Qhamach was executed by Steel Rain. Technical Aeronautics was going to sign a contract with the Isakii Invaders (Eastern equivalent of the Chi Con Marines) to produce 245 AJ-57 helicopters. The day the prime minister was executed, the IIFC (Isakii Invaders Forces Core) canceled the contract. Recent money problems that were supposed to be fixed after the contract was signed continued. Factories closed for 2 years. Production of aircraft re began in 2010.

Notable CreationsEdit

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