Future Earth
This article takes place in the future.
Do not make articles that interact with this in the wrong timeline.

The Brotherhood is a "terrorist" group of freedom fighters fighting against GDI. They are the ones that broguht Ishan to earth and the Wogan aliens.


There leader, Kane, is a immortal human that has been on Earth for thousands of years and later Fanon. Even in the past, he was there. Kane has battled with GDI soldiers hundreds of times and is rumored to brought Ishan to Fannon.

Ishan ProhecyEdit

Kane predicts that Ishan will one day cosume all of Chi Con and it will cause the invaders to build there towers. Which will cause a alien invasion and Ishan will consume all of Fannon. Fortunaly when this happend, GDI destroyed the Nod Crawlers before they could launch any Ishan nukes.


  • It is a parady of The Brotherhood of Nod.

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