Titan Base A, called by Tarchos as Titanikä Mastu A, is a land-based colonial base inhabited by sentient Xentricanese Tarcho creatures. Considering the size of the species, the base is extremely large in comparison to those of most other species. The base in a Tarcho's perspective is as large as an average small city on Fanon.


The Base sustains an economy using something similar to socialism, yet with capitalist practices. The main reason the colony resorts to this type of economy is the fact that a standard company run by the government was seen as the only type that could sustain a population in a base that would cost vast sums money to expand. The parent company that is in authority of the base's economy is referred to as Xentriconomy.

Branches of XentriconomyEdit

Xentribeam Edit

This company is responsible for supplying Titan Base A with power from energy produced on Titan. It owns two solar farms that are designed to retrieve as much energy from the Sun as possible. The company also practices other forms of energy production, such as geothermal energy.