United Conion Rebels, abbreviated as UCR, is a group of Chi Con civilians/soldiers/gangsters that want to overthrow Corai and replace the government with a democracy. Most of Chi Con is against them and have permission to shoot or attack them at will. The Chi Conian Mafia is ailled with them and provides funds for operations.


The UCR military is extremely weak. The Chi Con military has slaughtered thousands of them in single battles.


The militian is a weak civilian fighter that holds a hunting rifle as a weapon.


A soldier that betrayed the military. Normally armed with a bayonet.

Chi Conian MafiaEdit

Some say the best fighter in the UCR is the Chi Conian Mafia Soldato. Generally they make up a bulk of the force and make profits out of working for the UCR. They have no care about the Democratic stance, only that they make money. They deal with criminal dealings and as such. They have variety of weapons, cars, vans, motorbikes and some of the richest even have helicopters and private jets. Some also own some land where they build the most simple of things like restraunts to casinos.

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