United Countries are the three countrys in the americas. Chi Con, Randa, and Isabull.

Military effortsEdit

They try to free enslaved countrys.

Military logEdit

  • Operation save Bulsa begins.
  • Chi Con invades Bulsa.
  • Randa supplys Chi Con.
  • Germany begins to fall.
  • Britian forces Chi Con out.
  • Isabull nukes Britian.
  • Germany Recovers.
  • Britian Recovers.
  • Operation save Bulsa fails.
  • Britian attempts to ivnade Chi Con, but cant find it.
  • Chi Con expands into space and assults a German statalight.
  • Operation: Bulsan desruction Begins.
  • Isabull is temporly put down cause Corai killed Isa, to stop nukes from being launched.
  • The ultimate Chi Con weapon attacks Bulsa.
  • Isabull surrenders and pulls out of the war.
  • Nuke #3 is launched, but at Randa by isabull.
  • Isabull surrenders to Chi Con and Randa.

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