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  • ChordSectorθ

    Revival Failed

    April 8, 2011 by ChordSectorθ

    All attempts to revive this wiki have failed miserably. Though, there is some hope. The Planet Fanon Wiki may grow a little in the future, and once its partner, the Creative Universe Wiki, becomes more popular, the wiki may also rise in popularity. For now, we must focus on creating new pages for this wiki as well as in the Creative Universe Wiki. This wiki shall one day, hopefully, be revived. This may take a long time, though. ◔ChordSectorθ◕ 01:45, April 8, 2011 (UTC)

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  • ChordSectorθ

    I have been experiencing philosophical disturbances for the past few weeks. They involve concepts regarding evolution, physics, and, more importantly, existentialism. Are any ways of destroying horrendous thoughts known by any humans?

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  • ChordSectorθ

    Is it possible that I can be promoted to an administrator? IS IT?

    Salutations, other users of this great wiki. There are some specific concerns that I would like to address at this moment. They involve the future of this wiki, as well as many of the other concerns that this topic implies.

    The contents of this wiki is still in development. Unfortunately, this development has been much slower than first anticipated. The founder of this wiki, and a highly authoritative administrator of which provides his opinions to what this Wiki addresses, Dark Halo, has referred to this exceedingly slow progress as an omen that this wiki is "dying." We must take considerably drastic measures, if possible, to ensure the maximum quality of this wiki so that wh…

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