I'm seeing, that although already very developed, the way Fanon is pictured (populated from people on Earth), this is no longer an alternate reality. When I created it, I intended Earth to be the same Earth that we're on now. Only, we'd re-write the history and everything on it.

First problem addressed.

Now, the second problem is that, we don't have a standardized universe, as wikis like the CPFW and others do. We all just make things, a lot of the time off or out of the scope of the intended reality. Also seeing how Xentrica has developed already half of this world, we're running out of ways to make new things. No offense intended to Rodrigo or his followers.

And probably our worst problem, we're dying down. I no longer see our users editing as much, and after promising they'd keep it alive when I was banned, seeing E-114 saying it's dead sort of shocked me. Am I really that important to the community?

I expect the current administration to handle these problems, like they should be.

Thank you for reading,

DZGuymed Can Float Your Boat. Buy Me a New Toaster!!!

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