Greeting veond' the new. I am V.V-I mean E-114. But to your featured presentation.

Now, I have some ideas for the site. First, we should ban JPEG. and JPG. images. They look blurrier than they need to be. And there quality is horrible. Next, I think we should have country limits. 3 being the maximum, so we don't take up all the space and so we don't have a billion stubs.

Now for policies. (Sorry if I'm sounding like some weirdo) We should only allow promotions for those who work hard and are active. We should also not keep on making templates that say that only admins get respect. I think a few templates say "Treat this user with maximum respect", and that makes some users feel bad.

Sorry if I sound like a political machine or something. I know I'm bad at these things, so please don't block me for disturbing the peace of starting a flame war or me being selfish. I'm sorry if I did that.

--DemongoE-114 All those beautiful magical weapons, Gone!

19:14, February 23, 2010 (UTC)

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