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  • Rodrigo X

    All the efforts to make this wiki come alive again... failed.

    But I was thinking if we could give it a final shot, and call Corai, Dancing Penguin, Zapwire, ChordSectorθ and the rest of the ex-active members back.

    But... I don't know... we've already done that, they promised they would come back and they didn't do aything at all (not all of them).

    So the question remains...

    Will there be light of revival at the end of this dark and dead tunnel?

    I'm not requesting anything, but if someone wants to completely revive this wiki and give it a last chance I will help. But I need voluteers... people that actually want to contribute!

    The revival project would/will(?) be to start working on all remaining main aspects like policies, designs, logos and stuff. …

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  • Rodrigo X

    Operation: Save Fanon

    February 27, 2010 by Rodrigo X

    Fanon is being attacked by Antimeds! Humans must defeat them!!!

    Xentrica is the first country to defend Fanon, calling backup from Myrushan!

    Take a role in this roleplay with your county(ies) and stop Antimeds from destroying New Earth!

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  • Rodrigo X

    New favicon.

    February 24, 2010 by Rodrigo X

    It's just to inform that I changed the wiki's favicon. It's the same has the logo. The previous icon was Wikia's default (ugh!).

    If you have a better image, send it here that I can convert to .ico and, if eople like it, put it has the wiki's favicon.

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  • Rodrigo X

    Xentrica on Rails

    February 19, 2010 by Rodrigo X

    Hey guys.

    I just created a new project: Xentrica on Rails (it parodies a name of a web-framework, Ruby on Rails).

    It is to see how much help I can get in the evolution of my country - Xentrica.

    Well, I want to have my country's page with lots of information and stuff. So I request help from other users here to help me with it! I need more headings there, for example, about all cities (shown in the map).

    If someone is creative enough, could add a section to each city with good information. The cities are:

    • Maintown - Capital
    • Baytown - Second Capital
    • Dritz
    • Small Lands
    • Bigs Lands
    • Inside City
    • Mix Port
    • Tri Section
    • Spring Side

    And it has also a Secret Area, witch is big enough to sustain high-tech military, spaceships, etc.

    Not forgeting about the:

    • Xentric Forest
    • Mix Ba…

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  • Rodrigo X

    Hey guys!

    I need some help with a new template that I created, Country Info Box.

    Could you please make it more complete? I mean, add more fields! I just added the basics.

    Please help!

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