All the efforts to make this wiki come alive again... failed.

But I was thinking if we could give it a final shot, and call Corai, Dancing Penguin, Zapwire, ChordSectorθ and the rest of the ex-active members back.

But... I don't know... we've already done that, they promised they would come back and they didn't do aything at all (not all of them).

So the question remains...

Will there be light of revival at the end of this dark and dead tunnel?

I'm not requesting anything, but if someone wants to completely revive this wiki and give it a last chance I will help. But I need voluteers... people that actually want to contribute!

The revival project would/will(?) be to start working on all remaining main aspects like policies, designs, logos and stuff. Then send a message to every single ex-active member to see if they're interested... but, there's always a 'but', we would need volunteers...

Farewell my wiki-friends, I wont return until I get some answer here... or feel free to message me your thoughts at my talk page!

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