Xentricanêes (in English, Xentricanese) is the official language spoken in Xentrica.

It's a mix of English, Portuguese and Spanish.


Here are some examples of words and phrases in Xentricanese translated to English.

  • Holá → Hi
  • Is todo bem?/Omo estás? → How are you?
  • Ya → Yes
  • Nai → No
  • Nii luve Xentrica! → I love Xentrica!
  • Nii llive it Xentrica → I live in Xentrica.
  • Nii → Me
  • Tu → You (sig.)
  • Elii/Ela → He/She
  • Wess → We
  • Vozot → You (plu.)
  • Thelii → They

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