Xentricanese Wolfdog

An adult wofldog caught etering the Xentric Forest.

The Xentricanese Wolfdog is a wolf–dog hybrid. Some people keep them as pets, but the majority of them are wild (about 60%).

These hybrid canids are born after a Xentricanese Wolf mates with a German Sheperd. The hybrid is widepread in Xentrica, where there are many populations of German Shepherds together with Xentricanese Wolves. Many people use them as sheepdogs, guard dogs and other jobs. They're also used by the police as sniffers and defence dogs. They are also used by the armies, marines and coast guards of many nations.

A pack of these wolfdogs ranges from about 15-30. Xentricanese Wolfdogs born from a female Xentricanese Wolf are sterile, whereas those born from a female German Shepherd are fertile.



  • Wolfdogs are larger and heavier than their progenitors. Their musculatures are far stronger as well.

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