Zeck Arm (born September 5 1996, in Chicago, USA) is the leader of the XSEC (Xentricanese Space Exploration Corporation). He was the first person to touch Titan's ground.

Early lifeEdit

It is not known who Arm's parents are or if they are even alive, because when he was born in a hospital situated in Chicago, USA (Earth), his mother left him there and abandoned him. Nothing is known of Arm's father, as he did not establish contact with Arm or his foster parents after birth.

When humans reached Fanon, his "aunt" and foster mother, Josephiin, brought him to what is now Xentrica circa 2014, before the country of Xentrica was established in 2030. He lived most of his life in Big Lands.

Zeck Arm founded the XSEC in 2032, and later, he created the Titaniik spaceship that would lead him to the Saturnian moon of Titan.

Travel to TitanEdit

After years of testing different prototypes of the Titaniik, the spaceship to had finally met the necessary requirements. Titaniik X-5000i was the first manned spacecraft capable of traveling at nearly the speed of sound. Later, Titaniik XSL-9 Proto (created in Myrushan) attained almost the speed of light (this was later succeeded by XSL-9 Alpha).


  • His name parodies Neil Armstrong. As well as his date of birth, Sept. 5 is a parody for Neil's birth date, Aug. 5.
  • He married Elizáa Burg, the first person to enter Saturn.